SnapTube Guide

SnapTube’s fame is spreading far and wide. The app hasn’t been long on the internet and it is looting praise from all quarters. The app’s amazing speed is one of its biggest attractions. Apart from that, the fact that it can help you download your favorite movies and TV shows without a snag, and also get you amazing music, customised storage and plenty of other awesome stuff, I’d say SnapTube is the best there can be.

Unfortunately, i see a lot of folks getting disillusioned with the app because of its interface and arrangement which is not identical to any previous app. So let’s make a guide for the app. I’m going to post a few short sections on how to get something done. If you have another section in mind, write something on it in the comments and i shall upload it here.


So let’s begin!

How to Download a video from SnapTube

Downloading videos using SnapTube app is easy. You open the video. The download button right there on the screen is all you need to press. Several resolutions are made available to you. And once you choose a resolution for yourself, go ahead and put it on download.

How to browse new movies on SnapTube

SnapTube regularly updates you about the newest most happening movies in the market right now. The app is also really wonderful to look up when you want to watch a specific movie. To have a fun time exploring different movies on the internet, do as I say. Go ahead and look up the “Categories” tab on the home screen of the page. You’ll see a list of genres. Select any you like according to your mood or liking and you will find lots and lots of appropriate titles in the series. You can choose any you want to watch. The process to download them is the same as we described above.

A Miscellaneous sorting of SnapTube features you can use

SnapTube for Android is an application that is capable of quite a lot of stuff. Here’s how you can use the app to your advantage. Let’s list out some features of the app that are going to be fun to use.

  1. To get movie recommendations, you can receive notifications from the app. But additionally, you can also find interesting movies using the app itself. Go to the app. Open the “Popular” tab and have fun going through a precise selection of titles sorted based on your preferences and watching habits.
  2. Memory getting filled with movies at two separate folders? Maybe you should consider changing the download settings. Go to Settings in the main menu on the page’s home screen. You should find “Storage” pretty easily. You can edit the storage settings to modify the path to which your media files are stored on downloading.
  3. Want an easy way to access all the files you have downloaded? Look no further than the “My Videos” option. You can find all your videos that are being downloaded currently as well as those that have already been downloaded.

Shortcut: Tap an ongoing download to access the “My Videos” option.

These were some simple tips and tricks to use SnapTube. Got any more of these? Do share them with me in the comments below.

Playview Alternative Apps

Playview no doubt is one of the finest movie streaming applications in the market right now. Be it the UI or be it the features, the app is amazing in all the aspects. Where on one hand android users are enjoying unlimited video streaming through this app, on the other hand Iphone users are still finding a way to get hands on it. But unfortunately this app is an android exclusive and has not yet launched for IOS. So if you’re an Iphone user and are looking for a similar application, you’re at the right place

playview app1

Here are some of the alternatives of Playview which aren’t better than Playview, but are atleast as good as it is:

1. PlayBox

Ranking at the top is Playbox, a video streaming service that lets you watch your favourite movies and TV shows whenever you want. One of the most noticeable features of this application that makes it different from the rest is that it lets you download the movie as well as its subtitles within the application. So you won’t have to waste your time searching on Google for your movie’s subtitles, instead you can get it within the same app.

2. ShowBox

ShowBox is another amazing application with a vast collection of movies, TV shows and documentaries. This app is somewhat similar to Playview to a great extent. Also, if you want to enjoy some additional features and stuff, you get an option of in-app purchases too.

3. CartoonHD

This application is mainly focused upon online streaming of Tv shows. This app sports an interesting feature which lets you create your personal playlist and add your shows and movies in it. This feature helps you in personalizing your stuffs and arranging them orderly.

4. Vidmate

Vidmate is one of the most popular applications in the video streaming industry. This app lets you download movies, TV shows as well as songs in multiple formats. Additionally, Vidmate has quite an interesting feature through which you can make your videos and music private.

5. Popcorn Time

Last but not the least is a video subscription based streaming service, Popcorn time. This app is an amazing alternative to Playview where IOS users can enjoy movies TV shows and other video stuffs. Apart from downloading movies, this app also lets you download torrents within the app.

So these were some of the best alternatives of Playview which are not android exclusives and can be installed in IOS devices too.

Vidmate TV show

Vidmate TV show

Vidmate is the easiest way to keep up with your favorite TV shows. There is a lot you can miss out on TV with your busy schedule. But one has to go out and hang with friends and family too, right? Fortunately, the Vidmate app is all you need to keep yourself up to date with your favorite TV shows. whether it be your favorite comedy show or soap opera, Vidmate Download has it all. And you’re going to love the app for that precise reason.

Vidmate’s TV show utility helps you keep track of the latest happenings on TV. Whether that be a soap, a podcast or a drama, Vidmate has you covered. To find your favorite TV show on it is not a herculean task either. here’s what you need to do to watch your favorite TV show on the app.

  1. Launch Vidmate from your phone.
  2. Look up the TV show you want to watch. Use the search bar to punch in the name.
  3. Go through the search results and pick out the appropriate Season and then the TV show episode, if there is more than one season. Otherwise, the episode should come in the search results quite naturally.
  4. Open its page. Click Download.
  5. Choose your preferred resolution. The file size is often displayed next to it too.

That’s all! The video will be downloaded. Once it is done, simply run it using any of your favorite video players. I recommend the MX player due to its file type versatility and the ease of seeking and control.

Getting to watch your favorite TV show on Vidmate is nothing extraordinary. You can get all your favorite episodes on the app, and have them save on your device for later too. Isn’t that just perfect?

Garageband Alternatives – Apps That Can Beat Garageband in Music Making


Garageband undoubtedly is the most popular and the best music creation application in the industry but the problem is, this application is available only for apple devices and has yet not been launched for windows and android platforms. So if you’re someone who doesn’t own an apple device and is tempted by the fact that Garageband for PC isn’t available for windows and android, here are some of the alternatives you can go for. Some of these alternatives are as good as Garageband whereas some are even better than it. So, here’s a list of music making apps that can probably beat (or are atleast are as good as it is) Garageband:


  1. LMMS

LMMS is an open source software which features built in tap enabled music instruments and samples. Although the UI of this application isn’t as good as Garageband but the performance nails it. It is basically a cross platform music creation alternative for Garageband which is free of cost.


  1. Stagelight [$9.99]

Stagelight has an almost similar interface to Garageband. Although they’ve tried their best to replicate Garageband’s UI, but have failed in few sections. Also, the software isn’t available for free of cost and is available for windows platform for a price tag of just $9.99. Also, if you aren’t sure about buying the software, you can go for the free trial that they provide and later make your decision. In short, the functionality is quite good, but lacks a good UI.


  1. FL Studio [$99]

Developed by image-line, this software comes with three different editions, which are: producer edition, fruity edition and Signature Bundle. This is one of the most popular audio workstations in the industry at the moment. Though the application is priced a bit high but it ensures that the performance is worth the money. The company has promised to provide lifetime updates at no extra cost. Also, there’s a free trial available for this software to test out the software before buying it.


  1. Reaper [$60]

Reaper basically isn’t for a newbie or someone who has just started producing music. It requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to produce music with this application. It is a digital audio production application that is available currently for Windows and OS X. It supports features such as MIDI recording and multi track. The application is available with a price tag of $60 with a free trial.

Top 5 Best Free Movie App for Android- Free Android Streaming App

There are numerous movie streaming apps available in Android market and all of these are unique in their fields but some of them have come up with superb user’s response. The premium looking free streaming apps like Viewster, Crackle, Flipps movies and Showbox etc got the string of hearts of million users across the world.


Image Credit – ShowBox for PC

Best 5 Free Movie streaming Apps


Viewster is the most popular movie streaming app currently. The first thing you will notice when open the app is that it is well organized and has a smooth navigation. The most attracting feature of this app is that user does not need to sign up. Without wasting time you can directly run into the world of movies and start watching with a simple tap.


When we are talking about free online movie streaming app, Crackle can’t be ignored. Simple yet full of functionalities interface will steal your mind and you can’t resist yourself when you will be sliding through the options. The first and foremost thing will hit your mind is that this package can’t be come at free of cost.

Here you can choose the show you wanna enjoy by filtering. Search option is very unique, instant responses will come along with the length of the video. On the initial screen various tabs including “latest”, “most loved” comes that helps you to tick the most buzzed videos.

Flipps Movies

Having more than 5000 HD movies and other videos Flipps ranked among one of the best online video streaming app because of its awesome features while keeping the size tiny. It uses unique data compressor system that compresses videos before streaming. Thus saving data and keeps the video running even in lower bandwidth! So enjoy whenever and whatever you want.

Show Box

Coming to the most buzzed streaming app. ShowBox app is used to stream videos, films, TV Shows and serials with free of cost, and it allows you to download all types of watching latest showbox movies in a precisely selected quality. The best part of this is it’s free and has a database of enormous videos. You just type any character; it will offer you a bunch of videos. You can’t find it in Google Play but you can get its apk by a simple search. Install it and get plugged into the pool of awesome videos.

7 must have apps for anyone – android

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 5.02.37 pm

Android OS has changed the way lives are being lived these days. So much innovations and luxury, comfort. On same direction, we bring to you some apps for android which you must install and enjoy.

How to Get Out of Twitter Jail?

Well before learning ways how to get out Twitter Jail. Let’s learn what is Twitter Jail and tricks and tips to not enter into the Twitter Jail in the first place. Twitter Jail is meant to limit the people trying to mass tweet people as a spam. In a way Twitter Jail filters the user to avoid strain on the servers. Now in order to stay in the good books of Twitter so that you don’t have to go in Twitter Jail you must follow the rules mentioned below.



  1. Do not send more than 250 direct messages each day.
  2. Your tweets should not cross the limit of 1,000 per day.
  3. In an hour you shouldn’t change your account email address 4 times.
  4. Your tweets may not exceed 1,000 per hour.
  5. In a day do not follow more than 1,000 people.

If you don’t abide even one of the rules mentioned above, you get in Twitter Jail. Twitter sends a message and temporarily puts you in a jail which doesn’t allow you to access your twitter account.

There is no particular time slot as to how long you have to stay in Twitter Jail it varies from user to user and also depends on how strained the servers are. It mostly last for one to three hours.

When you are in Twitter Jail you receive a message from Twitter saying you have to wait for a moment as you have sent too many tweets. You may also receive a text from Twitter asking you to slow down. And if your tweets take a huge time in posting this is an indication that you are reaching the limit and might be put in jail if you continue.

In order to get out of the Jail there isn’t any way. As the Jail last for 1 to 3 hours maximum depending upon how much you tweeted. Twitter will tell you which rule has been broken by you and for how long you will be in Twitter Jail. So till the time the allotted time keeps you in Twitter Jail Go outside, read a book, do work or anything. And when you are done by that time you will out of Twitter Jail.

Another way to get out of Twitter Jail is to stay out of Twitter Jail. There is a good service named buffer which helps you stay out of Twitter Jail. It’s an application which lets you schedule your tweets as to what time do you want post them, number of tweets you want to be posted. The buffer will do it automatically once you have fed it with the tweets along with time and frequency. By using this service you can avoid breaking the rules. And Twitter Jail is created for the safety of users to avoid any mishappening that can happen by faulty links by hackers.